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SmartCerts - Digital Training Certificates

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Cut your R' per certificate cost

Access certificates anywhere, anytime 

Sales benefit to your clients & delegates

Certificates created are digital originals – accepted by SETA’s & Dept. of Labour.

Delegate details are sent to us via Excel - SmartCerts does the rest of the work.

No more fraudulent certificates

Anyone can scan the QR Code with their mobile to display the original. If it doesn't match exactly, it's a fraud.

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You can chose to produce cards as well at no extra cost.


QR Code on the cards will show the full certificate when scanned by your mobile.

SmartStamp - for Delegates to add to their email signature - Click it to try, you will be amazed

CertStamp Click & Scan T.png

One click, and all the delegates digital Certificates are displayed.

SmartStamp has your logo on it, so great for spreading your brand.

QR Code can be scanned with a mobile to show their latest Training Certificate.

All certificates are stored in your own secure online Vault

and in your clients own Vault

We have over 20,000 SA company Vaults

and in the delegates own Vault


Congratulatory emails are sent to delegates with Certificate (in PDF) and SmartStamp attached.

Congratulatory SMS’s are sent to delegates, with a link for them to download their certificate to their mobile

You & your clients are emailed after each course, giving delegate details and login details to their own vault

You get daily email reminders of expiring courses, with delegate details.

You are emailed monthly detailed reports.

And a summary report of all your courses for the year.

Print or email a single delegate or whole course from your vault with just a simple click

SmartCerts also caters for :

   •CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certificates and CPD point counts 

   •SAQA Unit Standards

   •Code / Capacity / Tonnage

   •Delegate course result letters.

   •Membership certificates


Our service has passed various SETA audits, including HWSETA, TETA, CETA, LGSETA, Services Seta, INSETA, Foodbev Seta.


No contracts to sign. No hardware to purchase. Simple credits based “pay-as-you go” service.

Obvious question: How much does it all cost?

R8.50 per delegate for EVERYTHING listed above, including;

o    Excel Input sheet tailored to your needs

o    Digital certificate loaded to your Vault (stored forever)

o    Digital certificate loaded to your clients Vault (optional)

o    Digital certificate loaded to delegate Vault (optional)

o    Digital Card, also loaded to each Vault (optional)

o    QR Code on Certificate & Card

o    All emails shown above

o    SMS to delegates with link to download to mobile

o    Reminder emails

o    Reports

Some of our clients......
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