What our clients say about us.......

We pride ourselves on our wide range of clients, from large listed Corporates, to SME's and everyday Individuals.

What our clients say:

"For me the best feature is the ease of  distribution of the certificates to my clients and the delegates, as trying to manually print certificates in this day and age is crazy…time consuming, expensive and a waste of manpower.

The added benefit of our Vault is when queries arise at a later stage it can be solved effortlessly.

I love our Vault and it has a lot of added benefits that ensures one business is above the rest in the industry e.g. security, off site certificates, reports, vaults, support."


"A fantastic feature has been the client communications.  This has bridged the gap between our sales department releasing certificates and the client receiving notification of the certificates.

 Action Training Academy."

"Being able to search for certificates that date back a year or more and not having to go back in archiving has been incredible, knowing that the certificate on the system is the original and that certified copies no longer a problem we need to contend with."

Global Training

"It has streamlined our certificate processing procedures and substantially cut down on the time it took us for processing."

OHS Academy

"Thanks so much for all the work. I am so impressed with your after sales service. I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much!"


"Wow – this is such an awesome new function. Thank you for always looking for ways to improve your service.  It is lovely working with you and your company."

Nexus Training