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Certificates of Analysis



Tired of searching for COA's?

Simply the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to create digital COA's in just seconds.

Delivery refused due to no COA?

Imagine if the following was possible…

  • COA’s created in seconds.


  • COA’s available by your clients via your own weblink or special Client Login Page.


  • Customers have secure, managed access to COA's from anywhere in the world.

  • No more customers refusing delivery because of missing COA’s.

  • Email, download or view COA's in seconds.

  • Store your MSDS’s & SDS to share with your customers.


Create COA's in seconds..............

Select required product template

Template has pre-defined defaults like:

  • Shelf life

  • Additional Info

  • Specifications

  • Required Values

  • Tolerance


Expiry date auto calculated, based on product shelf life.


Simply enter actual results 

System will check if results are in range.


Click Submit and the system does the rest

COA is instantly created and stored 

Gives all your key product and batch information

Shows all specs, required and actual values

Inserts digital signature of Lab technician / QA person

Easily load COA's received from your suppliers into the COA System.

COA System will AUTOMATICALLY insert a "Verified By" watermark in left margin 




 For your company...

  • 100% web based system, no hardware to buy, no software licenses or installation.

  • Access COA’s and documents from anywhere at any time, forever.

  • Eliminate the need & cost of paper copies, delivery and printing.

  • Inexpensive, simple and efficient – Benefits of a LIMS system at a fraction of the cost.

  • Instant, single point access to documents during audits – LESS FILING !
    Accurate traceability.


​ For your company...

  • Greatly reduces the delivery hassles with COA’s.

  • Instant access to past and new COA’s in your Vault.

  • They don’t have to call for missing COA’s on delivery.

  • Clients have instant access to any of your compliance documents during an audits.

Obvious question: How much does it all cost?

Simple in-app purchase to buy credits.

1 Credit = 1 COA = R5

No other costs

Companies that enjoy SmartCOA
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